The Healing Power Of Pets

Thornton Park Residents with Pets

The benefits of a four-legged friend go beyond just having a cute companion to cuddle. Our pets improve our health in a variety of surprising ways.

Australia is a nation of pet lovers. In fact, there are more pets in the country (29 million) than people (25 million) according to a national survey. It’s not surprising when you consider that the wag of a friendly tail, or the contented purr of a pussycat, can instantly improve your day. But did you know that more than just making us smile, our pets can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing? Here are three reasons pets are the best.

Having a bad day? Just a few minutes with your beloved pet is enough to cause changes in your body that reduce anxiety and boost relaxation, according to research. Whether you’re patting your dog, stroking your cat or watching your fish swim serenely in a tank, your stress hormone, cortisol, lowers and your feel-good chemical, serotonin rises, causing instant feelings of calm.

It’s almost surprising doctors don’t hand out prescriptions for cute puppies and fluffy kittens when you consider the numerous health benefits science has found our animals bring into our lives. From reducing blood pressure and cholesterol to boosting our heart health, we have plenty to thank our pets for. And if you have a dog, or active cat, you’ll know that they won’t stand for you just sitting on the couch. Those daily walks your pooch demands all add up to better health.

Our furry friends are possibly the world’s best icebreakers. Take Fido for a walk and expect a throng of admirers stopping to pat your friendly pooch. Mention you have a cat and before you know it you’re engaged in a conversation about her name, breed and preference for catnip. It’s something that the residents of Thornton Park know all too well, now that six dogs and three cats reside happily in the village. And besides helping to expand our social circle, there’s one thing pets are especially good at: listening. Tell them anything and they’ll hold your stories close, no interruptions or judgement, just pure unconditional love.

If you’ve ever thought about discovering the low-maintenance delights of Retirement Living, Thornton Park may be the answer. Spacious, modern apartments, open plan layouts and a supportive community just waiting to meet you – and your four-legged fur child. Make an appointment for a personalised tour today. Pets warmly welcomed.