The creators

We started with a simple but visionary idea: to design a vibrant lifestyle community for Australians who expect their retirement years to be engaging, active and rewarding.

The first thing we did was to throw out the cookie cutter. At Thornton Park, we’re not just building a retirement village. We’re literally redesigning the Australian neighbourhood to cater to older people who are planning on living their lives in creative, meaningful and contributing ways. 

We believe that love for learning, adventure and new experiences need not diminish as we grow older. Thornton Park is a retirement community that fosters connections with a real cross-section of society, drawing together people with common interests and passions, regardless of age.

Both within the village and into the wider community we’re harnessing mutually beneficial relationships with everyone, from wellness groups to arts and historical societies, schools, universities, gardening groups and growers markets, with the goal of connecting people to what matters most to them. At Thornton Park, you’ll enjoy the next exciting phase of your life surrounded by people who, like you, are ready to explore all life has to offer. 

This is retirement living like no other. You come to Thornton Park to continue to learn, to create, to laugh and importantly to live.

Helen Emmerson
CEO, Southern Cross Care