– Judith’s Story

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Judith and her King Charles Cavalier, Molly, moved to Thornton Park after the house became too difficult to manage. It’s the best decision they could have made.

“I looked at a few retirement villages before I found Thornton Park, which was by far the best. I wasn’t able to manage in my house anymore, so it made sense that I found a place where I’d still have my independence, but didn’t have to think about home maintenance or gardening. I absolutely love it.

“My apartment is beautiful, and my King Charles Cavalier, Molly, is very happy here too. But I wasn’t expecting to make such good friends. The first time I met Diane, who also lives in the village, we just clicked. We’ve become like sisters, to the point where we almost say the same things at the same time.

“Living at Thornton Park is like being part of a big family. My kids live nearby and they’re so happy I moved here. It means they never have to worry about me. They drop in all the time and flick the kettle on. And they know that if I’m not at home, they’ll find me down in the café, having a laugh with my friend.”

– Judith & Molly, Residents

– Marilyn’s Story

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When Marilyn moved to Thornton Park, she was amazed by the size of the apartments, but it’s the community that’s really turned the village into her home sweet home.

“I knew I’d made the right decision to move into Thornton Park when I realised the furniture from my four-bedroom home fitted into my new apartment. It’s so spacious here, it’s like the place was made for me.

“Before the move, I was so bored at home, because there was no one around. At Thornton Park, there’s always someone to chat to. The village is central to everything, so you always feel safe and secure. It’s nice not having to worry about anything from day-to-day. The friends I’ve made since moving in have been integral to that sense of feeling at home, though I’ve felt comfortable here since day one.

“We have little Friday night get-togethers, because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Having a glass of wine with the neighbours is something I look forward to. There are often planned activities in the village but I don’t always get involved. I like the way there’s never any pressure, you just do your own thing.”

– Marilyn, Resident

– Jim’s Story

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Jim moved in to Thornton Park with his little dog, Bonnie. Since then, they’ve been enjoying all the benefits of village life.

“It was important to me that I find a pet-friendly retirement home because I live with my 12-year-old rescue dog Bonnie, a little Tenterfield Terrier. From the very beginning, Thornton Park was excellent. I found a beautiful apartment that suited my budget. We have a cleaner who comes once a fortnight to help keep the place looking good, and the social aspect is great too. 

“I’m always meeting people. There’s a bus trip every week. There’s a movie night. We have our happy hours and our get togethers so we can catch up and talk about life. If you want to go out, the location of the village is so convenient. You’re only about 500 metres from Penrith train station and about 600 metres from the big Westfield.

“The village has a residents’ lounge and function areas which are free to hire if you want to have a birthday party or a family get-together. Next door, there’s a residential care home, which is comforting to know in case your circumstances ever change and you need more support.

“What else can I say except that I’m very happy here? And Bonnie’s very happy too.”

–Jim & Bonnie, Residents

Ron & Jeanette’s Story

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Ron and Jeanette moved into Thornton Park with their two cats after deciding to downsize. Since then, they’ve never looked back.

“Before we lived at Thornton Park, we were in a large four-bedroom property, which was becoming too hard to manage. The moment we walked into our spacious apartment at Thornton Park, we knew we’d found our new home. We call it our ground-floor penthouse.

“We moved to Thornton Park last August, with our two cats, Beau and Missy. Our neighbours are so friendly and the staff have been lovely too. It’s a wonderful lifestyle at Thornton Park. It’s a place you can picture being happy in for the rest of your life.”

– Ron & Jeanette, Residents

Lorraine’s Story

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For Lorraine and her husband Rob, moving to Thornton Park means enjoying their freedom, while knowing they have support if they ever need it.

“Rob and I had never really considered retirement living before we visited Thornton Park. We thought we’d be in our home until the end. As soon as I walked in and saw the bright, spacious apartments, I said to Rob, “I could live here.”
We thought about it for a short while and came back for a second look – by which time I was hooked.

“From the moment we moved in, I felt comfortable. I love the social aspect of life here. It’s a wonderful feeling, being part of a community. It’s so nice knowing we’ll always have someone to talk to.

“We have everything we need within easy distance – medical facilities, the hospital, shops and transport. We can walk to Penrith plaza and there are lovely places to stroll. One of the other things that really puts my mind at ease is that, if Rob or I got sick, there’s an aged care home onsite that’s really lovely. Knowing we have the option of additional support nearby, gives us real peace of mind.”

– Lorraine and Rob, Thornton Park Residents

Sue’s Story

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Sue moved into Thornton Park Retirement Village for a low-maintenance lifestyle, a comfortable home and friendly neighbours.

“I was living in Glenmore Park at the time, and even though I have a lot of friends, living on my own was lonely. I looked at a few places before I came here, just to check out my options – but everything else was just like big blocks of units. The apartments here are so nice – very spacious. It’s an incredible location – an 8 minute walk to the plaza.

“The main benefit for me has been the interaction. Whenever I go for a walk, there’s always someone to stop and have a chat with, or have a coffee. There’s a coffee shop here and it’s just lovely. When I lived on my own I was much more isolated. My kids said, ‘Mum, you’re buying the lifestyle’ – and I’m so pleased I did. Every time I walk inside my apartment I think to myself, ‘I love my home.’ It’s such a nice feeling.

“I really did the right thing at the right time. Friends all around me, a caring community and a convenient location – I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

– Sue, Resident