Sue moved into Thornton Park Retirement Village for a low-maintenance lifestyle, a comfortable home and friendly neighbours.

“I was living in Glenmore Park at the time, and even though I have a lot of friends, living on my own was lonely. I looked at a few places before I came here, just to check out my options – but everything else was just like big blocks of units. The apartments here are so nice – very spacious. It’s an incredible location – an 8 minute walk to the plaza.

“The main benefit for me has been the interaction. Whenever I go for a walk, there’s always someone to stop and have a chat with, or have a coffee. There’s a coffee shop here and it’s just lovely. When I lived on my own I was much more isolated. My kids said, ‘Mum, you’re buying the lifestyle’ – and I’m so pleased I did. Every time I walk inside my apartment I think to myself, ‘I love my home.’ It’s such a nice feeling.

“I really did the right thing at the right time. Friends all around me, a caring community and a convenient location – I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

– Sue, Resident