New Year has never felt more important as a time for reflection than as we farewell the eventful and challenging 2020.

It’s time to look forward – to 2021 and beyond. If you have reached that magical age of 65+, you’ve earned the right to focus on your wants and needs. Is retirement living on your radar? If so, congratulations on considering what might just be the best move of your life.

If retirement living is not something you’ve yet contemplated, consider these words from Jenny. “After living in my house for 39 years, I thought I might have missed it. But, since moving to Thornton Park, I haven’t missed it, not even for a second,” she says. “It was the best decision I could have made.”

A common theme when Thornton Park residents reflect on their decision to move is how many people knew it was the right place for them as soon as they visited. “The moment I discovered Thornton Park I was impressed with what I saw,” says Jenny.

JennyJenny is on the real-estate money when she recalls her initial interest. “Location, location, location,” she says. Situated in the heart of Penrith, the village is an obvious choice for anyone with connections in Western Sydney or the Blue Mountains.

“It’s central to everything,” says Marilyn, another person who has chosen to call Thornton Park home. “It’s the lifestyle I’m here for, and it’s wonderful.”

The apartment amenities speak for themselves, with spacious rooms, modern kitchens, beautiful bathrooms, ducted air conditioning, large louvred windows, excellent insulation, soundproofing and smart energy-efficient design features.

Knowing that these luxurious features are standard, combined with the fact that there is no stamp duty to pay, makes the decision to downsize a financially appealing one.

“I knew I’d made the right decision when I realised the furniture from my four-bedroom home fit into my apartment,” says Marilyn. “It’s so spacious, it’s like the place was made for me.”

MarrilynMarilyn notes the safety and security that comes from secure access and underground parking, a 24-hour emergency call system, and lift access to all levels. She also appreciates the shared facilities including a café, library, media room and rooftop garden.

Yet, for Marilyn, the apartment ended up being only the beginning of the reasons she loves living at Thornton Park.

She was lucky enough to have a longstanding friend already living in the village. “We’ve been friends for over 50 years and it’s wonderful to be able to call her a neighbour,” she says, noting that this connection hasn’t stopped her making loads of new friendships.

“The friends I’ve made since moving in have been integral to that sense of feeling at home,” she says. “We have Friday night get-togethers because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company.”

Jenny completely agrees. “The village is big enough that there’s a wonderful diversity of people and small enough that there’s a true sense of community and belonging,” she says. “My neighbours and I really look out for each other.”

Those who choose Thornton Park as their home are not only connected with like-minded people, they are surrounded by nature.

“I walked into the apartment, looked out the window at the gumtrees and thought, ‘This is it. I could definitely live here’,” says John, of the day that he first visited Thornton Park and decided to move in. “At the moment, I’m sitting here looking out at the trees. I love that feeling of openness.”

John enjoys his life at Thornton Park so much that he struggles to name a highlight. “That’s because every day feels like a highlight,” he laughs. “It’s the best decision I could have made.”

JohnJohn says he’s glad he moved to Thornton Park before the secret gets out.

“Every Thursday evening, I do the Men’s Walk and Talk – you just turn up and have a walk around the river, about six and a half kilometres in total, and we walk the two bridges, which is really beautiful,” he says.

“One of the blokes asked me ‘What do you think of Thornton Park Retirement Village?’ and I said ‘Mate, it’s the best kept secret in Penrith’.”

Jenny and Marilyn are happy for the secret to get out so that others can share their enjoyment.

At times, Marilyn has to pinch herself. “I have to remind myself that I’m not on holidays – that this is actually my home,” she laughs. “I absolutely love it here.”

Thornton Park is a vibrant lifestyle community for people who expect their retirement years to be engaging, active and rewarding. For more information call 1800 958 003 or fill in the contact form by clicking here