When Marilyn moved to Thornton Park, she was amazed by the size of the apartments, but it’s the community that’s really turned the village into her home sweet home.

“I knew I’d made the right decision to move into Thornton Park when I realised the furniture from my four-bedroom home fitted into my new apartment. It’s so spacious here, it’s like the place was made for me.

“Before the move, I was so bored at home, because there was no one around. At Thornton Park, there’s always someone to chat to. The village is central to everything, so you always feel safe and secure. It’s nice not having to worry about anything from day-to-day. The friends I’ve made since moving in have been integral to that sense of feeling at home, though I’ve felt comfortable here since day one.

“We have little Friday night get-togethers, because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Having a glass of wine with the neighbours is something I look forward to. There are often planned activities in the village but I don’t always get involved. I like the way there’s never any pressure, you just do your own thing.”

– Marilyn, Resident