Lorraine and her husband Rob love living in Penrith – but it was Thornton Park’s resort-style living that took their experience to a whole new level.

“I’m a Penrith girl, born and raised. I don’t ever want to leave the area, so Thornton Park has been ideal. We have everything we need within easy distance – medical facilities, the hospital, shops and transport. We can walk to the plaza, which we do and there are lovely places to stroll. The village, when the building’s lit up at night, looks like a resort. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

“From the moment we moved in, I felt comfortable. It wasn’t just the building itself, which is lovely – or the style and the size of our unit, which I love. It’s the social aspect as well. It’s so nice knowing that as part of a community, we always have someone to talk to.”

One of the other things that really puts my mind at ease is that if Rob or I got sick, or our circumstances changed, there’s an aged care facility about two seconds away – it’s brand new and lovely. Knowing we have the option of additional support nearby, should we need it, gives me real peace of mind.”

– Lorraine and Rob, Thornton Park Residents